Belmont County Animal Shelter

Who are we?

The Belmont County Animal Shelter is a county run facility and is a no-kill shelter. It houses 50-80 dogs and 32 cats. We are kept open with the support and donations of the county. Our goal is to house, treat, and re-home animals in our care. We take in strays and owner surrenders.  We are located off of national road across from Ohio university Eastern. We have full time and part time employees along with volunteers. We pick up stray dogs and enforce/sell dog licensing which helps to also keep the shelter running.

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About us

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Our Organization

Our Organization was created to help animals find homes. We depend on your donations, adoption fees, and dog license to continue to operate. Support your community by adopting your next pet from us.

Meet The Team


Assistant Dog Warden


Assistant Dog Warden


Assistant Dog Warden

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Our Goals

Pets Adopted 83%
Dog License Issued 91%
Return of lost pets to families 95%